Anonymous said: Who is Nick Ertman and why should I care?

Nick Ertman is our fill-in guitarist for the summer. He’s a lot taller than us and he likes to shred.


Anonymous said: Why aren't you guys on Rhapsody? :(

I don’t know :( Why aren’t we on napster?


emcameoutswinging said: What bands do you guys think you sound like or what bands influenced you?

Good question, I’m not really sure who we sound like haha. But we collectively love bands like third eye blind, saves the day, jimmy eat world, lifetime, kid dynamite


suitupshoesonheadupmoveon said: Who have been your favourite bands to tour with? I loved the cover of MCS When You're Around that Tony did with Real Friends, Modern Baseball, Candy Hearts and State Champs, that seemed like a hell of a line up, 4 of my fav bands including you guys!

That was probably our favorite tour! But heart to heart are our boys and we’ve done a ton of touring with them(mostly in the earlier years) but nonetheless great guys.